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The Reynolds 72 AERO Clincher Wheelset is a depth that makes perfect sense for flat road racing and triathlons. The wheels boast a profile that slices through the wall of wind that typically slows you down and the performances in crosswinds are that of much shallower depth wheels.
Wheels of this depth are often thought of as the province of larger riders only. Not with Reynolds AERO rim shape. This wind-tunnel tested design is unusual these days, but Reynolds is sticking with it because both testing and real-world feedback indicates the design works. Shaping is key. The wide outer perimeter combined with a long transitional zone and a steep taper to a pointed airfoil offers lots of benefits for the rider. The wider tire bed provides more air in the tire, for a smoother, faster ride. The ISH, Integrated Step Hook, at the top of the rim not only makes the rim laterally stronger, but also creates a small but effective boundary layer of air so that the wind moves easily across the tire to the rim and vice versa. The airfoil taper does something Reynolds refers to as DET, or Dispersive Effect Termination, which is a fancy way of saying that the shape smoothes air as its passing over the shape and reattaches it to the surface in a smoothed state. This is a benefit for headwinds, but more importantly for the side winds that are known to push aero wheels around. Smaller riders are finding that with these wheels in their bikes, they're not getting blown sideways, and are thus better able to propel these missiles forward.
Fast is great, but unless the wheel is also strong, it's worthless. Luckily, Reynolds has taken great care to maximize strength. They developed CR6 technology, aka Carbon Rim 6, to highlight the fact that they utilize different carbon-fiber plies and lay-up schedules to six different regions of the rim to optimize strength and minimize weight. Those regions are: the rim hook bead, the brake track, the tire channel, the side wall, nipple bed, and spoke face. These wheels are tough.
Fast and strong are fabulous, but unless you have the trifecta, good braking, you might hesitate to bring these out when you need to use your brakes more than twice over the course of your race (turnaround and finish). Reynolds covers you there, too. 
They've figured out a way to reduce heat build-up at the track by 100-degrees Fahrenheit compared to other brake tracks. Cooler rims stop faster, stop more predictably, and work better on long, draggy descents. It's also essential to use the included Cryo-Blue brake pads. And because safety is paramount, Reynolds embedded a break wear indicator under the finish by the valve. If a red line appears here, the rim is getting thin, and in need of replacement.
The hub are Reynolds-designed with DT/Swiss 240 internals for durability. The rear hub comes set up for either Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed or 11-speed Shimano/SRAM. 
The wheels ship with Reynolds Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads (use these or you void the warranty), their Competitive quick release skewers (steel, 65g for the set), rim strips, valve extenders, and wheel bags. They've even embedded an Aero Valve Plug to prevent the valve stems from rattling.
The Reynolds 72 Aero Clincher Wheelset is part of the Reynolds Assurance Program (RAP). It's essentially wheel insurance, where you purchase the plan and your wheels are covered for two years, no questions asked. You take care of the paperwork on the Reynolds Cycling site, and have 30 days from purchase here to obtain the RAP.
The Reynolds 72 AERO Clincher Wheelset gives you plenty of speed with stability that belies the depth.

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