Shipping always provides convenience in shopping transactions until the process of delivery of goods


Berhardphones will ship the order after it has been confirmed that the buyer has made the payment according to the order value and the shipping cost is excluded (No shipping charges).

The destination address of the goods delivery follows according to the description or information we receive when placing an order on the delivery destination address, but we will still re-confirm the address to the buyer.


Every product that will be sent to the buyer will be re-packed (Packaging Layered) so that the original packaging of the product is not disturbed or damaged.
Each package will be given a seal, it ensures that the goods have been in accordance with the description and delivery destination.

Delivery will ship your order goods through a third party ie a freight forwarding service bureau that works directly with us or affiliates of our colleagues in accordance with the location where your address is located.
Delivery schedule will be determined according to your request, except (Free Shipping).
The length of time the shipment will be adjusted to the location of the address, the range of the sender or in accordance with your request.
Goods will reach the address in accordance with the time period specified based on the delivery class, but not closed the possibility of goods will arrive beyond the specified time, this occurs when there is a constraint access to the location of delivery.


Confirmation will notify you that delivery has been made, and notify you of delivery estimates, the progress of the related information as it progresses to the destination address.

We advise you to contact us before the shipment process, or you do not understand the above conditions.