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The ENVE M 70 Thirty is ENVE’s ride-tuned enduro wheelset. The name refers to 70% descending, and 30% ascending, which tells you where they designed the wheel to go. Lots and lots of down. But for people who don’t always have a chairlift to get to the top of the mountain.

The rim shape is where their main focus is. The shape, in terms of both width and depth is specific to the 70/30. It’s been made to complement enduro and trail bikes with 130-170mm of travel. Landing should be as certain as launching, and with these hoops, you’ll have no fear of pealing away after nailing the ground. The key is  molded carbon-fiber, of course. But ENVE’s molding. As is the way of ENVE, the rims are molded using a removable bladder, and they never use paint or filler. This probably saves about 60g per wheel compared to the competition. But they don’t stop there. Their rims have molded spoke holes and internal nipples for greater rim strength, which means greater wheel tension,  which means a stronger wheel. The interior of the rim sidewalls are hookless, which means greater impact resistance, and that they designed the fit to be so precise you don’t need a hooked bead seat. Despite all the features designed to maximize stiffness, the rim still has some vertical compliance, a good thing, as carbon isn’t known for bending. The compliance means fewer vibrations coming through the spokes to the hub to the fork and frame, and ultimately, to you.

HV is short for High Volume, and it’s a wider rim design that allows for more air volume within a nominal tire width. They’re specifically designed for the latest trend of high volume tires. To get the greater width without a marked increase in weight, which ENVE didn’t want, they reduced the depth of the rim by 4mm and changed the external profile as well to be a bit more pointed then blunt. This was to move material around without either reducing strength or increasing weight.

DT Swiss 240s hubs are like Swiss timepieces. Design classics that look good and last forever. The hub shell is one piece, with standard flanges, the left side offset for your disc rotor. The bearings are super smooth sealed cartridges and designed for thru-axles, though, typically Swiss, can be converted to quick releases in most cases. The Shimano/SRAM ten-speed cassette body is standard and can be converted without tools to a SRAM XD driver. In both cases, it freewheels on DT Swiss’ patented ratchet system, which not only offers near-instant engagement, but also a cool sound when coasting.

This wheel features Boost hubs. Boost is a new front and rear axle standard that is wider than your 100mm front and 142mm rear. It’s 110mm front and 148mm rear, adding 10mm and 6mm respectively. If you don’t have a bike designed for Boost, this isn’t for you, but if you do, the new standard means wider and shorter chainstays, better for tucking the wheel under. And the added 3mm to the width of each flange means for better spoke bracing, which results in a stiffer wheel. In front, the flanges are pushed out 5mm on each side, improving lateral stiffness in the wheel. And the fork legs are wider as well, also improving lateral stiffness there.

The wheels come with ENVE tubeless tape and ENVE valve. The tape is specific to the rim size, and there’s enough to do both wheels. With the ENVE valve, you should use it if you’re running tubeless. If you prefer tubed, then save the valve for the day you try tubeless.

The ENVE M 70 Thirty  lets you do everything without holding back.

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