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The Meilenstein is the Standard, the wheel that put Lightweight on the map. It took them a while to come out with the Meilenstein Clincher, but it was only because they needed it to live up to the Standard they had set.
They did it. It took them to Gen 4, or Generation Four, the fourth iteration of their ground-breaking lay-up, mold, and design. This is a great thing for everybody. It improved on the Standard, giving it more strength, a better shape for cutting through the wind, and more lateral stiffness to better harness your energy. Possibly most importantly for a clincher wheel, the latest lay-up minimizes heat build-up, which runs the rim at a lower temperature under heavy braking. This is good for the brake pads, for brake performance, and for both structural integrity and preventing blowouts. You can descend the Alps in confidence on these hoops.
What makes the Meilenstein is the balance that Lightweight achieved with the wheel. It is light: 520g front, 660g rear for the sixteen front spoke, twenty rear. It is aero, 47.5mm deep, 20mm wide. It is laterally stiff: the spokes run from the rim, around the hub, back to the rim, and are epoxied into place. The rear spokes are wrapped at the crosses for even more lateral stiffness, which means more of your energy goes into moving the wheel forward. Lateral stiffness also means that both standing on the pedals and hard cornering are easier. And if you want a stiffer front wheel, you can opt for a twenty-spoke front, which bumps up the weight 20g but lots more lateral rigidity.
Lightweights feature an integrated magnet in the rim: you won't need to risk spokes, ruin wheel balance or disturb aerodynamics by putting a magnet on the spokes. There's also an integrated microchip with wheel data on it. Part of the reason is for tracking. But there's much more.
Lightweight strongly urges buyers to register their wheels on the Lightweight website within five days of receiving wheels. Each wheel has a unique ten-digit number that is encoded on a microchip embedded in each wheel. This helps you with both their crash replacement program and Wheelprotection program-and can come in handy if your wheels are lost or stolen. The first applies to all wheels and entitles you to 30% off a replacement wheel if you destroy one in a crash. The second is their insurance program, which means that by paying up front, your Lightweight wheels are protected for three years from any damage that might occur. 
Using the Lightweight brake pads, included with the wheels, are also part of the warranty. The wheels also come with Lightweights steel quick releases: they weigh all of 45g for the set. They come with plastic Lightweight Tire Levers—don't use metal tire levers, ever. And they come with a double wheel bag.
Lightweight offers an option with the 16/20 iteration of this wheelset. The Weiss Edition. The spokes and hub are coated with white Durflon polymer for a glossy custom look. They also package the wheels with their titanium quick release skewers rather than their steel quick releases. The coating adds about 20g per wheel while the skewers save about 5g per wheel.
The Lightweight Meilenstein Clincher: because the standard should be ridden every day in every way.

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