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Hed’s Tri-Spoke is one of the most durable aero designs you can find. It appeared first under the Specialized label in the 1990’s, and was raced both on the road and in timed events back then. Hed eventually got back the right to the design, and has come up with a revision that is faster than the old design. Enter the GT3, Grand Tour Three, Front Tubular Wheel. 

The basic idea is still the same. The molded carbon-fiber wheel features three carbon-fiber wing-like spokes that slice through the wind they’re directional) and are lighter than disc wheels, and, more importantly, handle better in cross-winds. All while having nearly the same aero drag as a disc. It has consistent drag across all yaw angles.

The above is why pro’s routinely call up Hed and request the wheel, ignoring pleas from sponsors. You’ll typically see Hed Tri-Spokes raced sticker-free at WorldTour time trials. The GT3 started appearing there in 2014. Self-sponsored triathletes love them as well.

Hed has updated the design by making the rim wider and shallower, with a more blunt edge. The wider rim, 26.5mm at the brake track, is shaped to work best with tires 21-25mm wide. The rim depth, 46.5mm, is more stable in crosswinds, which is a boon to riders hunkered down on their aero extensions. Though the rim has gotten a bit shallower, the overall shape is faster, thanks to the width and blunt edge.

The fast shape is ideal for races against the clock. Regardless of which way the wind is blowing, or not, these will be fast and stable.

The wheel has gotten lighter, thanks to the 100% carbon-fiber construction. 672g front and 900g rear makes them lighter than many spoked wheels. Other Hed tri-spoke wheels mate an aluminum rim to a carbon-fiber structure, adding weight.

The wheel comes with a 50mm valve extender and a titanium skewer. New to the GT3 is a valve-hole design that allows for conventional extenders between spokes: on older designs the valve was hidden in a spoke and you needed a disc wheel adapter to pump up the tires.. You choose between a Shimano/SRAM-compatible and a Campagnolo-compatible cassette body. The braking surface has a special finish that improves modulation and reduces stopping distance in all weather conditions. Pads aren’t included: you can take your pick of carbon-specific pads, but Hed recommends SwissStop.

The Hed GT3 Front Tubular wheel is patricide of the best kind.

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