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The Lightweight's Meilenstein Tubular has a glorious history. It's the new version of the "Standard," the wheelset that was once the entirety of the Lightweight lineup. That wheelset, despite being from a company with no sponsorship budget, won loads of big races, including a few Tours de France, a few World Championships, some Tours de Suisse, and lots of other big races. The shallower depth, new shape, different lay-up, and advanced building techniques yield a wheel that is stiffer, lighter, more aero, easier in crosswinds, and stops faster more easily.
The secret is Lightweights unparalleled knowledge of carbon-fiber and construction techniques. Lightweight people like to say their wheels have "no moving parts." This means that since the spokes are stretched and epoxied into place, they can't loosen or come out of true. The wheel is a single unit that can't be compromised. When they debuted, Lightweights were light years ahead of the competition. As the competition has improved, Lightweight has improved as well.
The brake track is one of the highlights. Lightweights always stopped well in all weather. But that wasn't good enough. With a new lay-up, they dissipate heat faster, meaning the rim stays cooler and braking performance isn't compromised no matter where or when you're dragging on the brakes.
The hubs are made in house, with the bearings pressed in. The one non-Lightweight component is the DT Swiss cassette body. They come splined either for Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11. And you can easily swap them at home.
The wheels come with Lightweight-designed, SwissStop-produced brake pads. They're made to go with the rims. Use them for best performance. Lightweight steel quick release skewers (only 45g for the set), and a double-wheel bag also come with. Wheel magnets are embedded in both the front and rear rim, so you won't need to mount your own and the aero profile isn't disturbed.
Lightweight strongly urges buyers to register their wheels on the Lightweight website within five days of receiving wheels. Each wheel has a unique ten-digit number that is encoded on a microchip embedded in each wheel. This helps you with both their crash replacement program and Wheelprotection program-and can come in handy if your wheels are lost or stolen. The first applies to all wheels and entitles you to 30% off a replacement wheel if you destroy one in a crash. The second is their insurance program, which means that by paying up front, your Lightweight wheels are protected for three years from any damage that might occur. 
There are two basic iterations of the Meilenstein Tubular. There is the 16/20, with sixteen front spokes and twenty rear. And the 20/20, with twenty spokes front and rear. The rear wheel on both is the same. The sixteen-spoke front wheel is 475g, so it's lighter and more aero. The twenty-spoke front is 500g, so a little heavier and a bit more laterally stiffer. The rear wheel is 625g, which is lighter than many front wheels of shallower depth.
Lightweight offers an option with the 16/20 iteration of this wheelset. The Weiss Edition. The spokes and hub are coated with white Durflon polymer for a glossy custom look. They also package the wheels with their titanium quick release skewers rather than their steel quick releases. The coating adds about 20g per wheel while the skewers save about 5g per wheel.
The Lightweight Meilenstein Tubular is the Standard.

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